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Type 62-8X30 military binocular metal shockproof waterproof high definition high power

Type 62-8X30 military binocular metal shockproof waterproof high definition high power


The type 62 8X30 telescope is characteristic of our country with reference to the advanced countries in the world of the telescope, according to use requirements for the successful development of all-day high sealing, high performance of the telescope, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions, and has a very small volume, so it is widely used in military, public security, traffic, ocean, forest, aviation, power, suppress observation, hunting, 62 - this is our army for the longest time domestic standard telescope mirror, entry can be telescope. " ".

Performance characteristic:

1, total film, imaging Rui Li, the 62 telescope in the observation of brightness, image quality and image color authenticity is superior to the domestic and foreign similar telescope.

2, with broad vision, pupil diameter, distance of exit pupil long outstanding performance. At dusk, dawn 62 telescope low illumination environment and wearing gas masks ( or glasses ) can clearly observe the target under the condition of comfort.

3, prism chamber drying bin protection, professional waterproof eyepiece, high sealing performance, 62 telescope can well meet the all-weather needs.

4, the operating temperature range of -43℃ ~+55 ℃, 62 telescope can be good to meet the different geographical position combat needs.

5, 62 telescope all-metal structure, firm and durable; cadmium sulfide armoured, damping, the antiskid design, with strong ability to bump and vibration acceleration of gravity, can withstand more than 20 impact, fully adapt to the field environment. 6, the type 62 telescope with reticle, distance and azimuth can approximate measurement of target.

7, 62 telescope fully meet the national military standard ( GJB ) requirements, all-weather use 8, the use of component-based design, 62 type military telescope with general repair very good performance. 


Product Model


Executive standard

The military standard (GJB)


Antireflective blue film



Objective aperture  


Exit Pupil(mm)


Eye Relief(mm)



435ft/1000yds  145M/1000m



Range of Focus(mm)


Weight(N/W kg)


Working temperature(°C)


size  (mm)



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