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Type T98-10X50 waterproof high resolution high power large aperture binoculars

Type T98-10X50 waterproof high resolution high power large aperture binoculars





Field of view

Exit pupil diameter (mm)


Exit pupil distance (mm)




Storage temperature (°C)


Operating temperature (°C)


Adjustment range of vision

±4 diopter

Range of eye distance adjustment (mm)


Volume (length × width × height/mm)


Weight (kg)





1It is a binocular observation instrument, which is used to observe, search and monitor distant objects during the day; The mirror is equipped with advanced curve division, which can directly measure the direction Angle, height Angle and distance of the target.

2The optical lens adopts comprehensive precision multi-layer coating, the transmittance is up to 82.3%, and the imaging is sharp, which makes it obviously superior to similar telescopes at home and abroad in observing brightness, image quality and the authenticity of object image color.

3Mirror body adopts all-metal structure, strong and durable; Rubber armoring, shock-absorbing, skidproof design, strong ability to withstand turbulence and vibration, can withstand more than 20 gravity acceleration impact, fully adapt to field environment.

4The structure adopts componentized design and has good general maintenance performance.

5The mirror body is protected by high-purity flushing nitrogen. It has passed the 6-level waterproof, dustproof, fog-proof, rain-proof, shock and drop test, and fully meets the requirements of mil-std-810, which can be used all day.

6With wide field of vision, large diameter of exit pupil and long distance of exit pupil. It can observe the target clearly and comfortably in low illumination environment like dusk and dawn and wear gas mask (or glasses).

7The operating temperature range is -43~+55, which can meet the needs of all-weather operations in different geographical zones.

3、Using range

Field operation, electric power, telecommunications, public security, armed police, border guards and other units use.



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