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Pilot's night vision goggles

Pilot's night vision goggles


2.fov 40°;

3.Distance of action: detection at atmospheric visibility of 10 km, medium contrast between target and background (50%±5%), for a target on a scale of 10 m × 10 m, typical illumination

Distance: ≥5 km at illumination 1 x 10-1 lux; ≥3.3 km at illumination 1 x 10-3 lux;

4.Night vision compatibility: meets Class C night vision compatibility requirements;

5.range of focus:250mm~∞;

6.Eyepiece Viewing Adjustment Range-6 diopter~+2 diopter;

7.eye distance:52mm72mm;

8.adjustmentHorizontal adjustment≥27mm,up and down≥8°

9.Continuous working time: dual battery power supply with mutual backup, single section (CR2 battery) not less than 10 hours; with battery low battery report not less than 20 hours.

(CR2 battery) is not less than 10 hours, double section is not less than 20 hours; with battery low battery report function; after the first alarm can still be used for more than 2 hours.

It can be used for more than 2 hours after the first alarm;


  11.environmental conditions

a)  operating temperature:-48.8℃ ~ 55℃;

b)  Storage temperature:-55℃ ~ 70℃。


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